More convenient than hiring a web designer, our platform launches your website at the press of a button.

6 important advantages of

1. Security & reliability

Stay protected from attack - the platform features a high level of security by using the latest technologies, lightning fast servers and content delivery networks with DDoS protection to guard your website from malicious interference and targeted attacks, as well as random attacks CMS-based websites can be vulnerable to.

2. Reduce time investment & negate scheduling requirements

The shared project environment greatly reduces your time investment and negates the need to coordinate milestone scheduling.

3. Client-side control

Your team will have full access to manage documents, to give an extra level of reassurance and control of your website.

4. One-click launch

Simply login and click Publish to make your website publicly accessible when it's ready. This avoids the need to schedule a go-live date, giving you ultimate flexibility around changing deadlines.

5. Full support

You will have full support from our Dublin-based team, ready to assist on all aspects including document upload and going live - while the platform gives your team these capabilities we can of course carry them out too (at no extra cost).

6. Flat fee, transparent pricing

We use a flat-fee price with no hidden fees or surprises, covering all requirements including full support, hosting/maintenance, uptime monitoring and post-launch support.

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Construction Site makes launching a planning application website simple, consistent & reliable.

Here’s how it works:

Cloud Storage

List & upload documents

Add your document register and upload files as they become available.

The platform highlights what files are still pending.

Dynamic Website

Dynamically created

Your website will automatically generate as you progress.

Share the dynamic preview with stakeholders.

Instant Website Launch

Instant launch

Upload final documents then go-live at the push of a button.

Our support team are here to assist throughout.