SHD Application Websites was built to simplify the process of creating an SHD / SID application website.

Since the Strategic Housing Development scheme was introduced in 2017 by An Bord Pleanála, a dedicated website for each application has been required to display planning application documents and drawings for public access.

As per planning application laws, easy public access to the full details of a proposed development is a requirement for placing an application. Where local authorities would digitise and publish planning documentation on behalf of an applicant for other types of applications, for SHD applications the onus is on the applicant themselves to produce the online resource.

Prior to, this meant that applicants would need to produce a website in-house, or hire a web design company to produce the website for them.

Not every organisation has the internal resources to produce a website as it requires a separate set of technical knowledge and experience. As such most organisations would opt to hire a web design company to produce their planning application website. For many projects this introduced another layer of complexity, where a 3rd party had to be entrusted with the production of the website to coincide with the actual submission of the application.

Problems arose with document handover, document filing and naming, design drafts and reiterations and an overall elongated process and higher costs.

In contrast, streamlines the entire process and removes the need to hire a web design company. Applicants can quickly deploy a website themselves within minutes, through the purpose-built and intuitive interface.

Planning application websites produced on are fast, optimised and are uniform in design and structure making it very easy for viewers and assessors to navigate.

Furthermore, full control is given to the applicant when it comes to document management, website publication or deactivation.

Website costs are based on a flat fee covering all requirements.

We welcome any feedback and input from government employees, planning consultants, institutions/bodies, property developers, or any other interested parties as to how we can improve and expand the platform. Please contact us via [email protected].

Building Irish Planning Application Websites Since 2018